daddy and jaidinHello, my name is Aaron. I live in North Carolina with my wife and our beautiful daughter. I enjoy working out, hiking, going to the beach, writing children’s poetry and short stories and most of all, spending time with my family. I live in a great community full of wonderful people and wonderful surroundings. You could say I am happy!

The Beginning

This has not always been the case. I used to struggle with life. I could never quite put my finger on why, but things never really seemed to go my way. My weight wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I would either feel “too skinny” or “too fat”. I never really found employment that was satisfying, and my relationships always seemed to end badly.(Usually my fault) I blamed everyone else for my troubles, but if you asked me then I would have said otherwise, and I felt as though I was limited on what I could accomplish.

Like I told you, I could never put my finger on why this was happening to me. I made terrific grades in high school and graduated in the top ten of my class. I went on to college and continued to make good grades. Around my senior year at the University of North Texas, I got involved with the wrong crowd and I got into a little trouble with the law. (I think this played a role in my mental downfall but we will get back to that shortly). I felt there was no need to finish college (4 hours short) and started bartending.

The Middle

I actually made great money as a bartender but still somehow felt unfulfilled. I didn’t feel I had a “real job”. My parents urged me to go back to school and get out of bartending but I didn’t feel I could do anything else. I didn’t think I was good enough for corporate America and was sure I didn’t have the skills for sales. I would just bartend and go to the gym.

In case worrying about a career wasn’t enough to occupy my day, I added worrying about how I looked. Some days I felt fat and some days I felt skinny. I would go on a “gain muscle diet” one day and be on a “lose weight fast diet” the next. I was never happy with where my body was and thought it would never be where I wanted it to be.

My relationships were not much better than anything else in my life. I dated some truly special women, but never really thought I was worthy of their love. I was emotionally unavailable most of the time and I know they felt it. I did find the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and we got married. I managed to screw that up as well. I spiraled down a staircase to hell that took me about nine years to climb out of.

My Future

You may be asking yourself why did this guy create a site called HIDDENGREATNESS? The answer is simple, I FOUND MY HIDDEN GREATNESS. I found out why my life was not working, MY MIND WAS FULL OF NEGATIVE THINKING. Once I realized why things were going badly, I learned how to change my situation. I learned the power of positive thinking, the power of desire and the power of gratitude, all things that were missing from my life. I also learned the power of giving. This site is my gift and my way of “paying it forward”.

I want to help you have a healthier body and mind!

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