Gratitude and Money

Do you show gratitude for the money you have or do you feel disappointed and discouraged when you think about money?  If you are thinking negatively about money you are in fact showing a lack of gratitude about money.  Showing a lack of gratitude will not make your money problems any better but instead will make them worse.   

My Story

I was very guilty of worrying about money.  I was constantly looking at my bank statement online and cringed every time I had to spend a dollar.  I would get all worked up at the end of the month because I knew all my bills were due on the first.  I treated myself very cheaply when it came time to buy clothing and often skipped going out for dinner at a restaurant from fear of spending money.  The truth of the matter was that I made plenty of money and never went without.  I was not showing gratitude for the money I had but was instead showing a fear of losing it.  This way of thinking would keep me in neutral financially and I would never better my situation until I learned gratitude.

My Solution

I forced myself to stop checking my statements and made it a point to take my family out to dinner more often.   I said “thank you” when I sealed the envelopes on the bills I was sending out.  By saying thank you I was showing gratitude for having the money to pay my bills.  I stopped treating myself cheaply and never dreaded the end of the month again.

Learn to feel good about money

Feeling good about money is not always easy.  It can be tough to feel good about something you don’t have an abundance of.  If you realize that your financial situation will never change until you start to feel grateful, you may change your thinking.  Look around your house at all of your possessions.  Think about how you are clothed, sheltered and never miss a meal.  Money paid for that.  Shouldn’t you feel good about it?

Increase the flow of money

Once you start to feel gratitude about money you will notice an increase in the amount that you have.  This increase can come in many ways.  You may find money you forgot you stashed away.  You may read about a big sale on something you want to buy.  You may get a raise at work or learn about a new money making opportunity.  Your car insurance premium may drop or your landlord may lower your rent.  Money can show up in numerous ways.  You just need to be on the lookout and always be very grateful for what you have and grateful for what you will receive.